Driving Lessons Wigan

Driving Lessons Wigan

L2P School of Motoring is based in Wigan and operates in the surrounding areas. All our driving instructors are fully licensed ADI instructors.

We can pick you up from the easiest place for you, work, college, home or wherever you wish. You can even be dropped off in a different location (if previously agreed with your driving instructor). We also ensure that if you book a 1 hour private driving lesson with us you get just that. We do not use your hour to pick up our next student.

Through your driving lessons, equip you with all the knowledge and abilty to be a top motorist for life.

We take you from Driving Lessons Wiganas smoothly as possible.

Preparing for your driving lessons

Theory Test

Your theory test is taken at your local DVLA centre and will be a computer-based test, this will be made up of two parts: The first will be a multiple choice test and the second part will be hazard perception using a computer simulated test. In order to continue onto the roads you must successfully pass each section at the same time. If you are unsuccessful and fail one section, unfortunately you will have to re-take the whole test again. In order to book your driving test you MUST have passed your theory test.


Multiple choice

With this part of your theory test you have an allocated time in which to complete the test and you MUST score at least 43 out of 50. Don’t rush the questions and jump to conclusions make sure you read every question carefully. Once you think you have completed this part of your theory test and if you have time left try going back and double checking the answers you weren't sure about.


Hazard Perception

In this part of your theory test you must identify approximately 15 hazards and score at least 44 out of 75. Each hazard holds up to 5 marks, all depending on how quickly you identify each hazard that is. Hazards are things that could cause any driver to reduce their speed, swerve or stop.


Driving Manoeuvres

Turn in the road (Three point turn)

The three point turn manoeuvre on your driving lesson is where your vehicle will be parked at the side of a road and you must turn the car 180degrees without hitting the kerb so that it is facing in the opposite direction than when you started. Before starting this manoeuvre check around and see if the road is clear. If it is clear you can then start to move off slowly while rotating the steering wheel so that it locks to the RIGHT, continue into the road, once your car is in motion and in order to show that you are in control you must make sure that the front of your car does not hit or overhang the kerb. Now you should be holding the car using either the brake or the hand brake while you change gear. Before reversing, again look around to check that it is safe to reverse. Start to reverse the vehicle and rotating the steering wheel into full lock LEFT, continuing to look through the back window to make sure you don’t hit anyone or anything. When you are approximately half way across the road check over your right shoulder or in the right mirror so that you can judge stopping the car again without hitting or overhanging the other kerb. You now should be able to hold the car by again using either the brake or the hand brake. Checking again to see if it is clear move off slowly and continue your journey.


Parallel Parking (Reverse Parking)

The parallel parking manoeuvre on your driving lesson is where your vehicle will be parked at the side of the road, behind the car you wish to use to reverse in behind. Checking around to see if the road is clear, move off slowly towards the start position beside the vehicle intended to be used, don’t forget to indicate left in order to warn any oncoming traffic. Your vehicle should be parked about 2ft out from the parked vehicle. Now you can start to move the car and rotating the steering wheel one full rotation to the LEFT. Still checking for other roads users in your mirrors and through the back window continue to reverse. Now rotate your steering wheel two full rotations to the RIGHT. Once your car is in line with the kerb rotate your steering wheel one full rotation to the LEFT. You should now be nicely parked behind the vehicle. In order to complete the Parallel Parking manoeuvre your car should be less than 1ft from the kerb.


Reversing around a corner

The reversing around a corner manoeuvre on your driving lesson is where your vehicle will be parked at the side of the road, about 2 car lengths in front of the corner and approximately 1ft out from the kerb. Checking to see if the road is clear and safe not forgetting to indicate left in order to warn other road users. Now start reversing, slowly. When you get to the corner, still checking in your RIGHT blind spot and mirrors, start rotating the steering wheel LEFT following the curve of the kerb and continuing to check through your mirrors and back window to confirm you know where the kerb is. Once your vehicle is around the corner and is parallel with new road, rotate your steering wheel to the RIGHT to make sure you straighten the front wheels. Continue reversing safely until you have reversed about 4 car lengths if safe to do so.


To book yourself driving lessons with L2P School of Motoring in Wigan, then contact us today and we will help you pass.

Driving Lessons WiganDriving Lessons WiganDriving Lessons Wigan